Audio to Text Converter

Convert speech to text instantly. Upload your audio file or paste a file URL to begin. No installation required.

How to Use our audio to text converter tool

Transform your words into text that you can share, download, or save to your computer. You can input an audio file or record yourself talking. Our tool instantly writes your sentences as you speak, and it also has the option to include punctuation.

How to Convert an Audio File Online

Our online audio to text converter is easy to use and doesn’t require installing any additional software. Go through the following steps to transcribe audio to text.

  • Step #1: Upload an audio recording from your computer or share it via link. You can also type with your voice with the record audio function.

  • Step #2: Choose the language you want to transcribe in. The available options are English, Spanish, French and Russian.

  • Step #3: Press the record button. When you’re done speaking or you want to take a break from transcribing, press the pause button.

  • Step #4: Check out the punctuation card on the right side. You can either say each punctuation code out loud as instructed on the card or simply click on it to insert it in your text. You can also edit your text after it’s typed into the text box.

  • Step #5: Once done, you can get a share link, copy the text directly or download it as a .txt, .doc, or .docx text file.

Benefits of speech to text

Speech to text software is useful both as a productivity tool and as an aid for people with various learning disabilities. Here are the main benefits of using our audio to text converter online free:

  • Brainstorm without having to take notes;

  • Transcribe audio files without wasting time;

  • Narrate stories as they happen;

  • Transform voice commands into written format;

  • Automatically pull subtitles that you can later use in video editing;

  • Record information efficiently if you’re the type of person that thinks faster than they type;

  • Offer an alternative to people suffering from dysgraphia or limited motor skills;

  • Record info when your hands are busy and you want to take notes;

Why we created this tool

We created this tool to offer the option to translate audio to text online for free. Our tool is easy to use and doesn’t require the installation of any additional software. The ability to type with your voice is great for productivity and overcoming difficulties that might come with typing and writing.

Frequently asked questions

How can I type with my voice?

Voice typing is more convenient than typing from a keyboard. To convert speech to text with our speech recognition function, you will require a working internet connection, and a microphone. Below are a few tips to help you get the best results:

  • Try to pronounce words as clearly as possible;

  • Make sure there are no background noises that can interfere with your dictation;

  • Say or click to insert punctuation marks or smileys displayed on the right side of the screen;

  • Save your speech to text as a Microsoft Word Document and check for any errors.

How to convert audio to text?

There are multiple tools that can help you transform speech or audio files to text, but most of them require subscriptions or the installation of additional software. Our free tool makes it easy to create automatic transcriptions on the fly or transform pre-existing audio files to text.

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