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A free online app that converts audio files for you with supporting all formats, processes your files quickly and does not require installation.

How to use our audio converter tool

You may have an old audio file sitting in your computer drive that cannot be opened with the software you already have installed. Or maybe you want to share a file you created with your niche software that your friends can’t open on their computers. Our free tool allows you to easily convert the most common audio files formats .mp3, .ogg, .flac, .wav, .amr, .m4a, .mp2, .m4r.

  • .mp3 is the most common type of audio format. It has been used for video and song output. Downloading an audio file is generally done in .mp3 and is universally read on many platforms.
  • .ogg files have better compression than .mp3 files which means the file takes up less space on your drive and it also delivers better sound quality.
  • .flac is a lossless audio file format and known to have the best sound quality due to minimal compression. The downside is that the file is very large, up to six times larger than an .mp3 file.
  • .wav is the standard audio file for Windows operating systems. It is also a lossless audio format, preferred by recording professionals for providing a high level of sound quality. .wav files are uncompressed, taking up a lot of memory space.
  • .amr is a file that is used for human speech. It is a high-quality format that can be used for recording and sharing voice files with others.
  • .m4a files are the standard audio file formats for Mac, Nintendo and PlayStation systems. M4a. are tightly compressed while delivering higher audio quality.
  • .m4r are files used for iPhone ringtones. They are usually found in the ringtones section on iTunes, but can be uploaded to iPhones.

How to convert an audio file online

Our free online audio converter doesn’t require installation and it’s easy to use. We don’t recommend converting compressed lower-quality files to lossless and/or higher-quality formats because the data lost in compression cannot be recovered.

  • Step #1: Upload your audio file that you are looking to convert to another audio format.
  • Step #2: Choose the level of quality for the converted audio file. Each quality level has the resulting file size mentioned underneath.
  • Step #3: If you want to further customize your converted audio file, go further down to advanced settings. Here you can set the bitrate, sample rate, number of channels, and you can also tick the boxes for fade in, fade out or reverse, for reversing your audio file.
  • Step #4: In the edit track info section you can add meta data to your converted audio file, such as title, artist, comments, etc.
  • Step #5: When you’re done customizing your converted track, press convert.
  • Step #6: Your audio file can be downloaded directly or you can copy the download link to share it with other people.

The free audio converter online is easy to use and quick to transfer from one file format to another. Easily transfer the format online.

Benefits of using our online audio file converter

Have the option to choose the audio file quality and format instantly. You don't have to worry about waiting for a while to make this format change.

  • Our tool is free to use and doesn’t require installing additional software.
  • The converter works in any browser or operating system.
  • It’s ad-free and secure.
  • You can customize the technical aspects or simply choose your desired quality and file size.
  • You can easily add meta data to your audio files.
  • Downloading and sharing your file doesn’t require any extra steps

Why we built this tool

We've created this online audio converter to provide an easy way to convert common audio file formats. We recommend using our tool to convert any audio file to mp3 online.

The main takeaway is that audio information cannot be recovered when converting from a highly compressed format to a lossless or simply higher quality format. For example, you can convert wav to mp3 and m4a to mp3 to compress the audio file to a smaller size and make it more accessible. Going the other way will only change file format, as sound quality can only decrease or stay the same when converting.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a wav file?

Waveform Audio File Format (.wav) is the standard file extension for uncompressed audio files on Windows operating systems. It’s a lossless, uncompressed audio file format, which can take up quite a bit of space. At roughly 10 MB per minute, it’s not as used as more popular audio formats, such as mp3s. Wav file are widely used in the music industry and professional audio recording in general.

Is wav better than mp3?

Wav delivers much better audio quality than mp3. However mp3 is more popular, takes up less space and can be opened with any audio player, on any operating system.

How does flac compression work?

FLAC compression completely retains the audio quality. The compression process involves prediction, using a mathematical algorithm called Rice code. If the sound file is too random to allow prediction, it cannot be compressed and it will be saved with an additional overhead. Once you convert a file from flac to another format, information is permanently lost. Converting back to flac will not recover information.

Is flac better than mp3?

FLAC audio files deliver much better quality than mp3 because very little information is lost during the compression process. However, mp3 is more popular and can be played on all media players and operating systems. Mp3 also takes up less space than flac.

Is m4a lossless?

An m4a format can be a lossy or lossless file, depending on how the file was ripped or transcoded.

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