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Use our free tools to verify phone numbers, emails, detect Unicode characters and much more. So, go and use them for yourself.

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Easily determine your hourly, monthly, or annual earnings with our intuitive salary to hourly calculator, guiding your income assessments.
Use our calculator to determine both simple and compound interest, providing insights for your investments and loans.
Upload two texts and our tool will spotlight the differences, making it easy to compare code or any written content. Dive into clear comparisons.
Add your text file and let our tool bring it to life, having it spoken aloud with natural intonation. Experience your written words in a new way.
Drop in your audio file online and pick your desired format with our user-friendly tool. Dive into seamless audio format conversions.
Elevate your digital paperwork. Simply upload your document, craft your e-signature, and send it off in a snap with our document signing tool.
With our conversion rate calculator, assess the ratio of leads that turn into sales over a designated time frame, guiding your marketing strategies.
Input your business information into the provided invoice template below, crafting a polished invoice for your clientele with ease.
Use our sales commission calculator to determine potential earnings from a sale or what's owed to partners, simplifying financial evaluations.
Our sales revenue calculator lets you easily calculate the total income from selling goods or services, streamlining financial assessments.
With our word cloud generator, visualize words and their occurrence frequency in a text, offering a unique insight into content emphasis.
Use our MRR calculator to gauge the growth rate, a vital tool that highlights the health and profitability of a SAAS company.
Use our free ROI calculator to gauge future profits compared to initial investments, aiding financial planning and decisions.
Utilize our time difference calculator to plan online meetings and determine the time in various global regions, aiding smooth coordination.
Generate QR Codes for address books (vcard), events (vcalendar, vevent), emails (mailto), URLs (https://), plain text, and more.
Utilize our SERP Preview Tool to see how your metadata will display on Google's Search Engine Results Page, ensuring optimal presentation.
With our source code formatter, easily format your HTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and JSON code, ensuring clean and readable scripts.
Use our tool to execute phone number verification and validation, ensuring accurate and trustworthy contact details every time.
Refresh Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, or Opera swiftly using our browser update tool, ensuring optimal browsing performance.
Use our tool to pinpoint Unicode characters that shift text messages into the Unicode format, streamlining your messaging process.
Use our robust password generator to create strong passwords with symbols, numbers, and mixed-case characters for top security.
Leverage our free case converter tool to ensure your documents and texts are formatted accurately and consistently every time.
Leverage our UNIX timestamp converter to generate strings for scheduling messages within your application, simplifying your tasks and processes.
Convert text characters from non-Latin to Latin using our free text transliteration tool, enhancing readability for broader audiences.
Utilize our tool to verify addresses and conduct ZIP/Post code checks, ensuring accurate and reliable location data for your operations.
Use this handy tool to seamlessly URL encode or decode any string, making data transfer via the web smoother and more efficient for your needs.
Dive into creating iCalendar RRULE strings to effortlessly set up and manage recurring and scheduled events in your application.
Jump into the texting speed challenge and find out how fast you really type on your phone. Gauge your skills and see where you stand.
Easily count characters in your message, determine sending costs, and see how your text appears on different mobile devices with our user-friendly tool.
Use our handy carrier lookup tool to easily dig up important details about any phone number. Stay informed and get the insights you're after.