Salary to hourly calculator

Calculate your salary to hourly rate or estimate weekly salary costs.

How to use our salary to hourly calculator

Learn exactly how much you make over different periods with our salary to hourly calculator. Make informed decisions for your career, apply for better jobs, and take on more profitable freelance projects. If you're a business owner, this hourly wage calculator makes it easy to estimate monthly salaries for your team and project costs.

Our free calculator displays hourly, monthly, or yearly salary amounts based on the amount of time worked. Follow the directions below to figure out your salary amounts.

  • Step #1: To convert salary to hourly, input the monetary amount on the left-hand side and choose the time period from the drop-down menu. Continue to go down the list and fill out the other fields that include hours, days, and weeks per year that you earn this money.
  • Step #2: Click on Calculate to get the results. Your hourly, weekly, monthly, and yearly earnings will show up on the right side of the screen.
  • Step #3: Share the information by copying and pasting the results, link share, or downloading a file to share or save for yourself.

Please keep in mind that the calculator only uses USD currency.

Benefits of using our hourly rate calculator

We designed the salary to hourly calculator to provide general guidance and estimates for payments. Here are the main benefits of understanding how much you earn:

  • You want to negotiate a salary during an interview. Your future employer may introduce a salary offer in different ways (e.g., weekly wage, annual wage, wage before or after taxes, etc.). It's crucial to understand how much you earn every hour, week, month, or year and make an informed decision.
  • You are freelancing and unsure how much you make per week, day, month, etc. Freelancers often make the mistake of asking for too little pay because they undervalue themselves. As a freelancer, you should always factor in the cost of the tools, hardware, and consumables you use. Also, keep in mind that while employers cover taxes in stable work environments, you must cover taxes from your earnings as a freelancer. Our hourly rate calculator will ensure that you avoid getting underpaid.
  • You want to estimate the costs of more extensive projects. Project managers can use our salary to hourly calculator to estimate how expensive a project will be based on the number of specialists involved. Quickly break down costs for each person involved based on their salary and the number of hours worked.
  • You need to prepare payrolls or other financial data.
  • Compare two job positions with different pay rates and benefits. Find out exactly how much you could be earning on different jobs by taking into account the number of hours worked per week and other benefits.

Calculate your annual salary to hourly to find out where you stand with how much you make.

Why we created this tool

We designed this salary to hourly converter to help both individuals and businesses. As an individual or freelancer, you can find out how many hours per week you should be working to be profitable. The hourly paycheck calculator can also help you understand exactly how much you make in your full-time job over different periods.

Business owners can use our salary converter to better measure pre-tax hourly pay for their team, estimate project costs, fill out monthly payrolls, and better communicate with the accounting department.

Frequently asked questions

How to convert yearly to hourly salary

If you want to convert your yearly to hourly salary:

  • Input the amount that you make per year in the first text box.
  • Change the hourly option in the drop-down box to annually.
  • Fill out the rest of the fields with the number of hours worked.
  • Once you get your answer, share it as plain text, via a link, or as an Excel or PDF file.

How to convert yearly to hourly salary

To convert monthly salary to hourly:

  • Input the amount you make per month on the left side of the screen.
  • Change the option in the drop-down menu to monthly instead of annually, weekly, hourly.
  • Fill out the rest of the fields and click on Calculate.
  • You will now see your hourly rate based on the monthly salary and numbers worked. Save or export your results using the available options.

Hourly vs. monthly rate

There is a big difference between hourly and salary employees. As an employee, your hourly rate may vary from month to month, depending on the number of working days, whether or not you do overtime, etc.

Overtime is not covered when you are on a 40-hour workweek contract unless specified by the employer.

In other words, you won't get paid as much as someone who is paid by an hourly amount. According to the Fair Labour Standards, any salaried workers are not covered by overtime but instead work for a set amount.

How to calculate hourly, monthly, or yearly salary after/before taxes?

Consider the amounts you are putting in the tool carefully because the salary hourly calculator does not have the capabilities to add in or take out taxes. Taxes vary according to many factors, including state, country, or an employer's personal situation. For health insurance and other employment taxes, please refer to a professional.

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