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Extract personal data from phone numbers using the phone carrier lookup tool.
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How to Use the carrier lookup tool

Our phone carrier lookup tool will help you identify the name of the carrier by extracting information from the phone number provided. This seemingly simple, yet extremely valuable, tool can be used to uncover more information about a phone number in your database. Here’s how you can use our phone number carrier lookup tool:

  • Step #1: Copy & paste or write down the number that you are interested in.
  • Step #2: Select the country of provenance and click on the green ‘Check Carrier’ button. Upon completing a search you can use the ‘Reset’ button to perform a new one.
  • Step #3: The landline and cell phone carrier lookup tool will extract useful information about the specified number, such as: time zone, national format, phone type, carrier name, mobile country code and mobile network code.

Why you should use the carrier lookup

You can access our accurate database of phone numbers and carriers in real time to obtain vital information about your prospects. Many paid and free texting services require the user to enter a phone number as well as the carrier name in order to successfully deliver SMS messages (each carrier supports a different means of delivery).

In addition to this, if you’re looking to broaden your telecommunication and text messaging strategy, you should separate valid phone numbers from invalid ones, and landlines from mobiles, before investing too much time and effort.

Why we created this tool

Mobile usage has soared in the last five years. According to Wikipedia every U.S. and U.K. citizen now owns at least one cell phone. There are more cell phones than there are humans on this planet. In addition to this, mobile represents the most effective communication channel. We created the phone number carrier lookup tool to help businesses, mobile marketers, and entrepreneurs better organize their client databases with relevant information about phone type and carrier.

Benefits of Using the carrier lookup

Let’s take a look at the main benefits of using the carrier lookup tool:

  • Identify and remove invalid numbers from your database.
  • Separate landline numbers from mobile numbers.
  • Use the information provided by the cell carrier lookup to plan your mobile marketing strategy.
  • Maximize the results of your text message marketing campaign.
  • Streamline the efforts of your team, increase productivity and reduce costs.

How does the phone carrier lookup tool work?

Our software uses two databases: one for landline numbers, with their corresponding data, and one for mobile numbers, with their corresponding data. You can find any number from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and other countries. When you enter a phone number in the carrier lookup service, our software compares it with the information in our database and extracts information on it instantly.

Why is carrier information required by some online services?

There are two reasons why carrier information is requested by online text messaging software. First of all, knowing the carrier demonstrates that you are familiar with the recipient, thus reducing the chances of having your text treated as unsolicited. Secondly, text messaging software servers can determine the best way to deliver a text based on carrier information.

Will users be notified if I use the carrier lookup tool?

Many of our visitors ask if the phone number owner will be notified when performing the carrier check. The answer is no. Our database is constantly updated to provide valid information, but cell phone or landline owners will not receive any notification or message as you perform the validation.

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