Free word cloud generator

Use our word cloud generator to create visual representations of words and their frequency within a given body of text.

How to use our free word cloud generator

Extract essential text information using our interactive word cloud generator. This free tool has multiple customization options and can produce unique word clouds with just a few clicks.

To create your word cloud, follow these simple steps:

  • Step #1: First, you must determine what text you would like to use. Word clouds work best when there is a large sample of text used. Remember, the words that appear most prominently in the word cloud are the ones that are used most often in your text or are the most important so keep this in mind when selecting the sample you will use.
  • Once you have selected your text, you can either type it, copy and paste it or upload it into the text box on Textmagic’s free word cloud generator. When you are ready, press the green “Generate” button.
  • Step #2: Now that your word cloud has been created, you must choose the theme you wish to apply. Textmagic offers three different themes to choose from Light, Dark, and Blue. Play around with these themes to see which one suits your needs the best.
  • Step #3: Next, choose the font that you would like displayed in your word cloud. Our tool has nine of the most popular fonts.
  • Step #4: Now, it is time to choose the color that these words will display. Each word sizing can be fully customized to the color of your liking.
  • Step #5: The next customization option is the background color. You can change this to any color on the palette that you like. Have fun trying out different color schemes to see which one you want the best.
  • Step #6: Lastly, Textmagic allows you to choose the number of unique words you wish to include in your word cloud. Slide the scale up and down to achieve the desired number of unique words.
  • Step #7: Underneath your word cloud, Textmagic displays all of the frequently used words from your text sample. The tool shows you how many times those words were used and what percentage of the word cloud they make up. You can click the X on the right-hand side of this chart to delete any words you wish to remove from the word cloud.

Once you have taken the time to customize a word cloud that you are delighted with, you can either download it or get a shareable link.

Why you should use the word cloud generator

Word clouds can be helpful business tools because they create visual representations of textual information. They provide essential data for research studies, point out commonly used words in customer reviews and surveys, and are excellent for content creation. Our word cloud generator offers an easy way to visualize important information in texts automatically.

Why we built this tool

Creating a word cloud by hand can be a tricky task, best left to a professional artist, but with our free generator, you can create your word cloud in only a few minutes and customize it to look exactly as you wish.

Benefits of using our free word cloud generator

Here are the benefits of creating word clouds:

  • They provide unique and valuable visuals representations for marketing messages or campaigns;
  • They can provide valuable insight when used as a research tool for analyzing customer feedback or questionnaires;
  • They can identify common thoughts or important words in company documents

What is a word cloud, and why is it useful?

A word cloud is an image that is composed strictly of text. The easiest method of creating a word cloud is to use a generator that will take your selected text and create a fully customizable image.

In a word cloud, the words that appear the largest and boldest are the most important words that appear most frequently in the text.

How can I personalize my word cloud?

You can fully personalize your word cloud by selecting the theme, background color, font, and font color that you wish to use. You can also customize it by eliminating certain words that you don’t wish to appear in the cloud.

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