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Sign documents online in minutes. Include multiple signers and deliver legally binding documents directly to your client inboxes.

How to use our document signing tool

Our free tool makes it easy to sign documents online and also request signatures from multiple parties by email. You can also fill in your name, email address, signature date, or add general text fields.Documents can be uploaded in multiple formats: pdf, .doc, .docx, .odt, .rtf, .png, .jpg, .jpeg, .ppt.

How to sign a document online

Check out the step-by-step guide below for signing documents with our free tool.

  • Step #1: Upload your document, making sure the file format is compatible with our tool.
  • Step #2: You have a checkbox to mark if you’re the only signer in the bottom right corner. If you have multiple signers, leave it unmarked and press next.
  • Step #3: If you also need other people to sign the document, write their name and email address in the marked fields. Click Add+ to include more signing parties as required. If not, press skip.
  • Step #4: On the left, you have two categories of fields you can add to your document: credentials and general text fields. Drag and drop each field where you want it to appear on the document, and then complete each field right after you place it. A text editor will appear as you start typing, allowing you to style your text minimally. What you fill in the credentials field will also appear on the left side, and you can drag and drop them in other documents you upload in our free document signing tool.
  • Step #5: The signature field allows you to draw your signature using the mouse cursor, type it in one of the fonts available in our editor, or upload a picture of your signature (accepted formats: jpg., png., jpeg.). Press accept and sign when you’re ready. You cannot jump to the next step without adding a signature.
  • Step #6: To add specific information to your document, use the general text fields: one-line text and multiple-line text.
  • Step #7: To delete a field you added, hover with the cursor and click on the three dots in the top right corner. You will get two options: delete or duplicate the field. Press complete.
  • Step #8: Your job is done. Press view document status to see your document and check if the other parties also signed. You can also copy the provided URL and paste it into your browser to retrieve your document online. Here you can also download the document to your computer, resend it to any of the signing parties, delete it, or choose to upload a new document.

Benefits of using electronic signatures

Convenience is the main benefit of electronic signatures. Document signers can complete this process online without having to meet.

Electronic signatures have become very popular since the Covid pandemic because most companies require employees to work from home. International companies that have offices and contractors worldwide can also greatly benefit from the convenience of electronic signatures.

For signing documents of great legal importance, the electronic signature might require further securitization and identity verification for it to hold legal status. If you need to sign such a document, we recommend reading our FAQ section about legally binding signatures and also learning about the difference between electronic signatures and digital signatures.

Why we created this tool

An online document signing tool is one of the most valuable tools for HR and admin teams. Those who are recruiting candidates are easily able to sign documents online remotely. Additionally, any other documents do not have to be physically in front of someone to be signed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to request a signature online?

After you upload the document you want to be signed, proceed to the next step, adding additional signers. Add their names, email addresses where the request will be sent, and roles. From there, they can follow the on-screen instructions to go to the document, add in their signature, and send the document back.

The party requesting the signature should place the signature box in the document. This should be done prior to sending the party a copy to sign and any additional information you need them to write down on the document.

How to sign online documents on mac or windows?

There are several ways to sign documents online. You can use dedicated digital signature software (like Eversign), the ADOBE PDF software, or any Mac software.

  • Our online document signing tool can be used for free on any browser.
  • Mac users can open documents in Preview Application and add their signature by clicking the Pen icon. The created signature will remain in the system to be used on other documents.
  • Windows users don’t have a dedicated tool available, but they can draw a signature in paint or other photo editing software available. You can add signatures in a document as a picture.
  • Word also supports digital signatures, but additional software must be purchased to do so.
  • Adobe also allows you to sign documents or request signatures from other people. Select Fill & Sign from the toolbar and choose who needs to sign. Form fields are detected automatically. Go to signature and decide how you wish to create a signature. Save your signature and apply it to the document. Keep in mind that Adobe is paid software. To sign documents online for free, we recommend our online signing tool that works from every browser.

Are electronic signatures legally binding?

Electronic signatures have the same legal status as wet signatures as long as a number of requirements are met. Firstly, it must be clear that the signer had the intent to execute or accept the agreement that the document in question represents.

Another additional requirement is the record of the electronic signature that shows the process of the signer agreeing to the contents of the document and accepting to sign.

Certified signature providers offer audit trails for signed documents or require identity verification from the signers, such as document signing certificate tokens. These extra features ensure the legal validity of an electronic signature, but these kinds of services are exclusively paid.

What is the difference between a digital signature and an electronic signature?

What’s an electronic signature?
Electronic signatures are a broad category of electronic forms of formally agreeing to the contents of a document. The signer’s identity is confirmed by standard authentication methods such as email or a text message code sent to the signer’s phone.

How does a digital signature work?
Digital signatures are secured electronic signatures that also require some encryption. For example, electronic fingerprints might be used to authenticate signers and prove their identity. A digital signature can also be used to secure a document. An electronic signature must be validated by trusted service providers that can issue an authenticity certificate.

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