Free Online Photo Resizer & Crop Tool

Resize photos and pictures in .JPG, .PNG and .BMP format with our online tool, for free.

How to resize a photo with our free tool

The TextMagic online photo and picture resizer provides an easy way to upload, crop, and resize photos.

  • Step #1: Upload your photo to the resizer tool. You can drag and drop the image from the folder, upload manually using the browse feature, or import the URL of an existing image.

  • Step #2: Resize your photo based on your desired dimension or ratio. Our tool offers three image resizing options:

    • Custom size: choose the dimensions that you need in px, in, cm, or mm. To preserve the aspect ratio, click on the lock tool.

    • Resize using percentages: make the image 25%, 50%, or 75% smaller.

    • Fit to screen: choose one of 10 predefined sizes that are frequently used. Please note that the image aspect ratio will not be preserved with this option.

  • Step #3: Use our editing tools to crop the image, zoom in to a specific point, or remove outside edges. Our online photo resizer allows you to custom crop, crop for specific social networks, or crop according to screen specifications. Now it’s super easy to resize images and scale your profile photos or marketing illustrations for Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and other platforms.

  • Step #4: Flip or rotate your image as needed, and preview the final result in real-time. Once you're satisfied, you can download the image as .PNG, .BMP, or .JPEG. Alternatively, you can create a share link or send an MMS directly from TextMagic. Sharing images has never been easier!

Benefits of using our free photo resizer

  • With the TextMagic image resizer app, you can quickly optimize photos for all social platforms. Not only can you scale images to fit Facebook or Instagram profiles, but you can also optimize previews for open graph, ad formats, stories, and more.

  • Passport photos must be smaller and have a specific dimension; this free photo resizer helps you obtain the perfect size for all official photographs.

  • Reduce image size to also reduce file size, making your photos mobile-friendly. Our tool removes unnecessary artifacts and allows you to crop out boring bits, thus making your photos suitable for websites.

  • Optimize images that you want to forward via text directly from our tool and see how they display on different mobile screens.

Why we created this tool

Pictures are used and shared in almost every online space. Sometimes, an image is too large to share or might need to fit within a specific aspect ratio. Our free photo resizer can help you instantly optimize your photos without having to download any additional software.

TextMagic users can optimize images for their SMS marketing campaigns and forward them as MMS or SMS attachments directly from our platform without losing quality.

How can I resize photos for social platforms?

Our tool doesn't just resize photos to fit Facebook profiles. We offer custom sizes for each social platform. Below are all available aspect ratios for social media platforms:

  • Facebook: news feed (1200x1200), stories (1080x1920), profile picture (720x720), cover photo (830x312), event photo (1366x700), group photo (640x334), open graph (1200x630).

  • Instagram: feed (1200x1200), photo square (1080x1080), stories (1080x1920), profile picture (720x720).

  • LinkedIn: feed (1200x1200), profile picture (640x640), cover photo (1128x191), cover photo (792x198), stories (1080x1920).

  • Twitter: feed (1040x582), profile picture (720x720), cover photo (1200x400), open graph (1200x630).

  • YouTube: profile picture (800x800), cover photo (2048x1152), video thumbnail (1280x720), video watermark (150x150).

  • Pinterest: profile picture (720x720), square pin (600x600), short pin (600x900), medium pin (600x1260), long pin (600x1560).

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