Free Online Random Number Generator

Generate random number lists within a min and max range that you define and sort the results with our free random number generator. No repeats!

How to use our random number generator

Get the numerical results you want quickly with our random number list generator. Here's how you can use our tool to create sequences of truly random numbers:

  • Step #1: Fill out the following details in the left tab: number range, lower and upper limit, whether you want integer or decimal results, precision, and sorting rules.

  • Step #2: Choose the number of columns you want the true random number sequence generator to display.

  • Step #3: Submit the answers by clicking the green button to generate your list of random numbers instantly.

  • Step #4: If you are happy with the randomized list, you can copy the results directly to your clipboard, share them via a link, or download the numbers as .CSV or .TXT files.

Why you should use our random list generator

The number randomizer is ideal for personal and business applications. RNGs are crucial in many computer processes, such as machine learning, programming, simulations, cryptography, and more. Here are a few ways in which you can use our random numbers list generator:

  • Giveaways & sweepstakes - One of the simplest and most common applications of random number lists involves giveaways and sweepstakes. Assign numbers to participants and extract random ones in the predefined range to find your winners.

  • Game development - Pseudo-random number generation is used for gameplay, graphics, and combat in games. For example, PRNGs determine the damage range a character deals to an enemy. PRNGs are also essential for games that have procedural generation.

  • Machine learning - House cleaning devices, computer programs, and other modern devices use machine learning to figure out information faster. A ROOMBA will randomly check points within the environment to figure out your floor plan instead of mapping out every inch of the house.

  • Security and encryption - Most websites nowadays have SSL encryption. Whenever your browser tries to access information on an HTTPS:// site it sends a request for server identity. Random numbers are essential for this form of digital encryption.

  • PIN creation - Our random number list generator allows you to create pseudo random PIN lists that have no discernible pattern.

  • Lottery drawings

Humans can't create truly random number lists. Subconsciously, the mind will always try to create patterns. You can use the random number generator however you'd like without worrying whether or not you are using authentic random numbers.

Why we created this tool

We wanted to create a random number generator that offers more precision than others that are available online. Our random number list generator creates sequences from a pool of limited numbers and arranges them in a way that has no discernible pattern.

How does a random number generator work?

There are two types of random generators: TRNGs (true random number generators) and PRNGs (pseudo-random generators). TRNGs use entropy sources like weather, atmospheric noise, thermal noise, or radioactive decay to obtain pure randomness.

PRNGs are random but start to repeat after a certain number of seeds. That's because they use mathematical formulas to produce sequences of random numbers. To pick a random number, our PRNG tool uses the Mersenne Twister algorithm. It instantly generates a random sequence of numbers that are then translated into the list.

How to create a random number generator?

It is possible to create a random number generator from scratch. Depending on the program you use and the specifics of the number generator; you can use one of these tutorials:

  • FreeCodeCamp explains the methods for generating random numbers, including linear congruential generators.

  • OpenSource explains how to obtain unexpected number generation.

  • Utah.EDU explains the rand functions for Matlab, C: and Actionscript

  • UDACITY shares a tutorial for creating javascript random numbers using math.random()

  • Lastly, you can read this tutorial to find out how to generate random numbers with Excel.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I ensure that there are no duplicates in my random number sequence?

Our tool allows you to include or suppress duplicates with the click of a button. If you want to ensure no duplicates exist, toggle the "Allow duplicates?" function to OFF.

Are your results truly random?

As mentioned before, our numbers are not truly random; they are pseudo-random. A pseudo-random sequence appears to be statistically random, but a repeatable process produces it. Please keep this in mind when using our random list generator for security reasons.

How can I generate a random PIN?

To obtain a secure PIN, you need to utilize the random 4 digit number generator function. Simply set the lower limit to 1000 and the upper limit to 9999. Change the precision option to 0 and click generate to create as many pins as needed.

What is the difference between decimal and integer?

Integer numbers accept positive and negative whole numbers. Decimal numbers accept any numbers with decimals. If you want to generate random numbers with extra precision (e.g., one or more digits), you must use the decimal feature. Decimal is generally used to record distance and weight measurements..

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