Free Time Card Calculator with Lunch Breaks

Calculate your hours worked, overtime, and weekly payroll with our simple timesheet calculator.

How to use our free time card calculator

Calculate the time your employees spend working using our timesheet calculator with lunch break. Export time cards instantly and forward them to your HR team or use the hourly rate function to calculate weekly payrolls.

This tool can be used to estimate time cards by recording the start and end times of an employee's workday and all their breaks. Here's the step-by-step for using our tool:

  • Step #1: Fill out the sheets for every day with the appropriate starting and ending times. Make sure to include the time spent on breaks.

  • Step #2: Enter the hourly amount that is located at the bottom of the weekly payroll hours calculator to find out how much you need to pay employees and collaborators.

  • Step #3: The tool automatically updates the daily hours, weekly hours, and salary every time you make a change.

  • Step #4: Forward the time card as a link, copy it to clipboard, or export it as a .PDF, .TXT, or .CSV file.

How to estimate payrolls and project costs with our time card calculator

Our timesheet calculator is perfect for estimating payrolls for remote and local teams. You can make your life easier by asking each employee to fill out and send their weekly timecard directly to your HR department.

Below are three practical applications of our time card calculator:

  • Determine project costs by creating time cards for each specialist involved in the project. Fill out the number of hours worked and hourly pay for each employee involved in the project. Write down the results and add up costs to see exactly how much the project cost vs how much you earned for it. Export the weekly time cards and include them as annexes to your contract.

  • Determine weekly payrolls for freelancers. Find out exactly how much you have to pay collaborators every week by entering the time they spend on your projects as well as their hourly rate. You can also pull work hour data from your time tracking software.

  • Encourage team members to keep track of their own time. Instruct employees and collaborators to fill out their own time cards every week. Ask them to forward their timesheets to your HR department. This will make them more responsible for their hours spent on work and ensure there are no issues with schedules. Our free time card calculator also makes it easy to calculate and pay for overtime work at the correct pay rate.

Why we created this tool

As a remote-first company with multiple offices across the world, we want to offer more flexibility to our employees. Our timesheet calculator provides not only more accountability and responsibility but helps our accounting. Instead of processing payrolls manually, we use this tool to automate the process and free up valuable time. Our goal is to make your life easier, without straining the budget of small businesses. We hope this free tool helps.

Benefits of using this free timesheet calculator

Below are the main benefits of using an online time card calculator:

  • Track employee and freelancer payrolls without installing additional software. Our team also uses time tracking software. Please note that employees must log in and out every day and the software also takes screenshots or records their activity.

  • Keep costs low. You might think that $5 dollars is not much for time-tracking software, but these costs are calculated per user. As your company grows, so will the costs of time-tracking software, which is just one of the dozens of software you are using. Our goal with the free timesheet calculator is to keep unnecessary costs as low as possible.

  • Improve collaboration with freelancers paid at an hourly rate.

  • Deduct break time. Make sure employees are as productive as they should be by specifying the exact time their break started or ended. Surprisingly, some employees forget to take breaks, so the timesheet calculator is also useful to ensure your team doesn’t work non-stop.

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